What is EverSD?

EverSD is a homebrew and development kit that lets you play your own games on the Evercade and Evercade VS.
Don't have an Evercade? You can find a reseller at ''.

How do I load my own games on the EverSD?

Download EverLoader2.0 and sync your games easily!

You'll need to have a microSD card (max. 512GB) to copy your games on it.

You can also manually add your games:

Create a new directory/folder in the root of the MicroSD card called 'game' and copy your own games into that folder.

It's easy as that!

(Note for firmware 2.0 and above: You also need a json file in the game directory for each game so the games will be visible in the new menu. Download an example json file over here)

Where do I get new emulators from?

You can find the emulators in the 'Downloads' and extract the downloaded file into the root directory of your MicroSD card.
Head over to the 'Downloads' section to download it.

Which systems can I emulate?

The following systems are supported by default:

  • NES/Famicom
  • SNES
  • GameBoy
  • GameBoy Color
  • GameBoy Advance
  • Genesis/MegaDrive
  • Sega Master System
  • Sega Game Gear
  • Wonderswan
  • Wonderswan Color
  • Atari 2600
  • Atari 7800
  • Atari Lynx
  • Playstation 1
  • PC Engine/TurboGrafx-16
  • N64 (VERY SLOW!)

How can I add my own emulators?

The information below is only applied for firmware 1.3.1 and lower

The Evercade is based on Retroarch and can run different emulators. Simply head over to the nightly builds of Libretro.

Download the desired emulator and replace it with one of the '.so' files that is inside the emulator directory of your microSD card.

The emulators are as followed:

  • = PC Engine - Supported file
  • = NES - Supported file extension:.nes, .fds
  • = Atari 2600 - Supported file extension:.a26
  • = Atari 7800 - Supported file extension:.a78
  • = SNES - Supporting file formats:.sfc, .smc
  • = Genesis/MegaDrive - Supporting file formats:.smd, .gg, .bin, .gen, .md
  • = GameBoy (Color)/Advance - Supporting file formats:.gba, .gbc, .agb
  • = Playstation 1 - Supporting file formats:.ccd, .img, .sub, .pbp, .iso
  • = Famicom - Supporting file formats:.fc
  • = Atari Lynx - Supporting file formats:.lnx
  • = Sega Master System - Supporting file formats:.sms
  • = Wonderswan (Color) - Supporting file
  • = Nintendo 64 - Supporting file formats:.n64


If you're going to replace, it means that you need to change the fileextension name into '.n64'. This way, the rom will run with

I don't see any pictures when selecting my games!

You need to add 6 pictures for the game selection screen.

If you're a Windows user, you can head over to the 'Downloads' section and download Everloader.

This program will let you easily add a boxart, screenshot, title, genre and the publisher logo to your game.
You can do this manually as well.

How do I manually add images?

We need six images. They need to be in PNG file format.

Three are used for handheld mode and the other three are used for Big Screen Mode when connected to a TV via HDMI.

The images must be copied inside the 'game' folder that is in the root of your card.

The six images must have the same name as the game but they end with a number
0.png = boxart for handheld (112x157 pixels)
0_hd.png = boxart for TV (210x295 pixels)

0_1080.png = boxart for the Evercade VS (474x666 pixels)

_gamebanner.png = screenshot/banner for TV and Evercade VS (1920x551)

The files below are only needed for firmwares up to 1.3.1:

1.png = screenshot for handheld (193x146 pixels)
1_hd.png = screenshot for TV (418x295 pixels)
2.png = publisher + title/genre for handheld (348x50 pixels)
2_hd.png = publisher + title/genre for TV (920x128 pixels)

Lets say we have an game called "Hello.nes".
the image files should be like:



And for firmwares up to 1.3.1 also needs:


How do I get my wallpaper to work on firmwares 1.3.1 and lower?

You can select a wallpaper using EverLoader and save it inside the 'game' folder that is in the root of your MicroSD card.

You can also use your own wallpaper by manually adding it.

How do I manually add a wallpaper firmwares 1.3.1 and lower?

We need 2 images. They both need to be in PNG file format.

The images must be copied inside the 'game' folder that is in the root of your card.

The images must be named:

menu_bg.png = wallpaper for handheld (480x272 pixels)

menu_bg_hd.png = wallpaper for TV (1280x720 pixels)

Does EverSD work after upgrading the system to firmware 1.3.0?

To be able to use your EverSD higher than firmware 1.3.0, please patch your Evercade with the community EverPatcher.

Is RetroArch possible on EverSD?

Yes! Head over to the Downloads section to get the right assets and the community patcher.

Is Multiplayer possible on EverSD?

Yes! Support for external controllers is possible with Firmware 1.3.1 (Support for Firmware 2.0 follows)
All you need is an EverSD USB Hub, patching the Evercade with the EverController and extracting Retroarch to your MicroSD card. Controllers that are tested: DualShock 4, 8BitDo SF/SN30 Pro, Generic Keyboard, 8BitDo Wireless USB Adapter (You can connect any controllers that are compatible with this adapter)

Is EverSD working with Firmware 2.0.1?

Yes! However, you need to apply the latest EverPatcher to enable EverSD.


Is EverSD working with Evercade VS?

Yes! However, you need to apply the latest EverPatcherVS to enable EverSD.


Is EverSD working with Evercade VS Firmware 2.1.2?

Yes! Apply the latest EverPatcherVS to enable this.


My games aren't showing after using EverPatcherVS!

Please download the latest Emulators from the Downloads section and re-sync your games using the latest version of EverLoader.

My games are glitchy after EverPatcherVS 2.0!

If you happen to get glitched screens after EverPatcherVS 2.0, use the following steps to fix the problem:

  1. Turn off your console, insert EverSD in slot 1, insert any licensed game in Slot 2 and turn it on again.
  2. Once it's booted, you can remove the cartridge in Slot 2 but leave EverSD in Slot 1.
  3. Turn off and turn on the system one more time.

These steps needs to be done only for one time. After that, it should just work normally

Can I restore the original/stock firmware after applying EverPatcher?

Yes, this is possible.

Evercade Handheld (OG): Just download the update from the Evercade website and upgrade it. This will overwrite the EverPatcher and will revert back to stock firmware. Once this is done, please do a Factory Reset inside the System settings!

Evercade VS:

Make sure that you are on the latest version of EverPatcherVS.

  1. Remove all cartridges from your VS and press on the controller simultaneously L1+R1+UP (D-Pad). This will bring up a secret game.
  2. Instead of starting the game, press and hold down the SELECT button on your controller and press A.
    This will enable the Factory restore mode.
  3. Go to System Settings and select "Restore back to Stock Firmware" to start the process.
    Once the update has finished downloading the VS will turn off.
    Once off, it will not turn back on.
  4. Use EverPatcherVS one more time to finish the restore process.
    Note: If the VS is not connected to with an HDMI cable, please wait until the LED light bar will blink yellow before you unplug it from your PC!
  5. After your VS is up and running again, remember to perform a Factory Reset to complete the process!

Alternative method:

You can also download this file and extract it on the root of your MicroSD card.

Once you insert your EverSD back to your console, you will have a new item on the screen called "Restore to Stock".

Run the application and follow the same steps described above starting from step 3.